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At The Lighting Digest, our team is committed to serving as a high valued lighting partner to our customers. From design through installation, we will provide dedication and over the top service, along with a broad array of capabilities that our customers can rely on throughout the life cycle of the project.

• Sales & Marketing

• Specification Support

• Lighting/Controls Layouts

• Project Design, Product Design and Design Assistance

• Product Demonstration & Mock-ups, Procure Samples

• Design Build/Design Assist Service

• Project Budgeting

• Solutions through a Consultive Process

• Design Review

• Project Review

• Project Management, Construction Administration & Delivery Coordination

• Pre-Construction Meetings

• Sequence of Operations Review

• Controls Commissioning

• Network Programming

• End-User Training

• Local & Factory Training

• Energy Calculations

• Payback Analysis

• Find Alternatives

• Generate Submittals

• Quote Fair Prices

• Post Sale Assistance


Our Service First Commitment is built on a culture of providing obsessive service.

• We will work with our partners to deliver quality products on-time.

• We will do our part to complete our partners' projects under budget.

• We will strive to resolve job problems as efficiently and hassle free as possible.

• We will be respectful of our partner's time and needs, taking into account the value of time.

• We will conduct our business in a positive manner, understanding positive attitudes are infectious.

• We will conduct our business with integrity, transparency and full accountability.


The Lighting Digest team is passionate about providing the highest quality of service and the best possible solutions for our partners and their customers.


Our team is made up of experienced lighting professionals, including experienced sales representatives, project managers and product engineers. Together, we have decades of experience within the lighting and controls industry and maintain a business culture that is centered around an obsessive service model.


We are driven to become a complete Ambassador for our partner’s product/services line, business, mission, and company purpose. What sets us apart from other manufacturer rep firms is our tactical approach to marketing, promoting, prospecting, and selling our product lines. Our consultant approach is geared to offer the best value on every project, while ensuring the project is delivered on time and under budget.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our team and our commitment to the success of our partner’s product lines. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests.

Our Team.

ashley williams


(630) 373-3351

andrew ondik

VP of Contractor & Distributor Sales
(630) 723-1028

monica miernik

VP of Operations/Sales

(630) 673-3205

Jessica Tsapralis

VP of Specification Sales

(847) 366-1762

Aimee Bauer

VP of Quotations & Pricing
(630) 566-0039

mike nelson

VP of Transportation
(708) 837-0514

Jeff first

Account Executive Roadway Specification Sales

(708) 268-7555

Elle Murphy

Specification Sales
(708) 308-3570

lars christiansen

Director of Architectural

Specification Sales

(630) 453-4659

kim sarti

Specification Sales

(219) 775-1376

ken esterly

Director of Health & Wellness Specification Sales

(630) 240-4785

Brooks tunac

Specification Sales

(815) 585-3267

Mike Tonkinson

Contractor & Distributor Sales

(630) 720-1461

Max reiner

Contractor & Distributor Sales

(847) 687-0228

kim kliber

Contractor and Distributor Sales

(630) 200-1647

Don Utterback

Contractor & Distributor Sales

(630) 720-0574

Kristyn Cropper

Contractor and Distributor Sales

(224) 595-0116

Ashley Kelly

Contractor & Distributor Sales

(708) 275-9891

john cascarelli

Controls Inside Lead

(630) 566-2240

jeff cascarelli

Controls Inside/Applications

(630) 566-4933

jason kovtunovich

Controls Inside

(630) 566-0173

aspen cassady

Roadway Quotations
(630) 566-4885

Viktor Kovalishin

Controls Inside

(630) 566-2623

Michelle Nuich

Project Quotations
(630) 566-2265

jimmy diaz

Project Quotations

(630) 566-2649

Dan Reily

Project Quotations

(630) 912-8246

jerry colatorti

Project Quotations

(630) 566-2662

Wayne Koper

Project Quotations/Quick Quotes

(630) 566-2680

Roxy Rochocki

Project Quotations

(630) 566-0524

jennifer silks

Quotes Administrator/Quick Quotes

(630) 566-2611

angie cascarelli

Project Manager
(630) 566-2198

aimee cascarelli

Project Manager
(630) 566-0149

linda welgos

Project Manager/Sales Support
(630) 566-2673

sarah wesa

Project Manager
(630) 566-2281

Eli Santiago

Project Manager

(630) 566-2619

Brad Maske

Sales Support/Building Manager

(630) 566-5277

jennifer lawrecki

Project Manager
(630) 566-2236


Project Manager
(630) 566-2470

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