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We strive to


re-define representation


within the Lighting and Control Industries.

What sets us apart from other manufacturer rep firms is our tactical approach to marketing, promoting, prospecting, and selling our product lines. Our “Ambassador” sales method is a proprietary system of product representation and account management that clearly defines prime prospects, decision makers and market opportunities to place our assigned product lines in a position to be sold. Throughout this sales method, Sales Associates from The Lighting Digest collaborate with our partners to monitor competitive market pressures, set outreach targets, develop reporting cadences, and execute an integrated marketing campaign.






We provide product and service representation for the finest lighting and controls manufacturers in Chicagoland. We support our partners by engaging with and educating General Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Designers, Architects, Engineering firms, End Users, and Electrical Wholesalers about the technical features and benefits of the lines we represent. Our goal is to become an ambassador for our partners products, delivering results thru obsessive service, offering solutions that are budget conscious and fill the design intent on any type of project.

Our Controls team works with our partners to provide code compliant solutions for any size project. We provide a range of services from initial design to annual service to help you maintain top performance throughout the life of your system. From design services to pre- construction meetings to on-time programming, our controls experts will be with you thru the entire project. We offer solutions for wireless and wired projects that will meet local energy codes.

Our Solutions team works with our partners by providing lighting design plans and strategies for a variety of commercial and residential settings. Our team develops the best lighting plan for their space, whether it’s an office, retail store, stadium, municipal building, restaurant, or home. On behalf of our partners' product lines, our Program Managers conduct LEED design plan reviews, investment payback forecasts for Local, State & Federal rebates, energy consumption analysis, and pre-construction budget audits. We pride ourselves on being a single point of knowledge, support, and implementation for every lighting program. We offer a variety of solutions that can assist in any project, regardless of the budget.

Our Creative Media team creates, produces, and distributes unique marketing content for our product lines. We collaborate with our partners to tell unique stories about their products through podcasts, YouTube channels, LinkedIn campaigns and various social media channels.

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